Alloys for different applications

Forming, rolling, pressing

Plasma metal press

Material properties made to measure.

In our products for subsequent re-rolling, forming or pressing, we can specifically determine the material properties. Through thermomechanical reworking in the course of our process, factors such as strength and ductility of the alloys produced can be specifically adjusted, with materials based on Molybdenum, Nobium, Nickel, Iron or CobaltĀ and also Titanium aluminides being possible.

If you want to learn more about how we are able to do that, have a closer look at the section "The Process" on our website.

Fields of application of our products:

Aviation Industry
Power Engineering
Therm. Spraying / spray metallization
Chemical industry
Electrical industry
Biomedical Engineering
Precious Metals Industry
Research & Development
And other applications

Here you can find more information about our products for your application area: