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Medical technology applications

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Because health is our most valuable asset.

From implants such as hip and knee prostheses through surgical instruments all the way to dental applications : Titanium offers high biocompatibility, strength and corrosion resistance. These characteristics make it a preferred material in the manufacture of medical devices and implants that require long-term reliability and compatibility in the human body.

The most individual cuts and further processing of the raw material (e.g. annealing, sawing, turning) as well as various titanium alloys are no problem for us. Besides pure titanium, Ti6Al4V ELI (Grade 23), ASTM F 67 / ISO 5832 - 2 and ASTM F 136 / ISO 5832 - 3 alloys can also be used as a basis for our products.

Possible areas of application for titanium in medical technology:

Dental/jaw surgery
Surgical instruments
Medical screws/nails
Artificial hips
And other applications
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