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Automotive applications

An employee holds a raw product for a turbocharger wheel in his hand.

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Titanium has proven itself in the automotive industry as a material of outstanding importance, offering a number of decisive advantages for the development of modern vehicles. Thanks to its unique properties, titanium plays a critical role in the optimization of efficiency, durability and performance.

Due to its strength and temperature resistance, titanium is often used for turbocharger turbine wheels and housings . The low density of the material enables weight reduction while at the same time the necessary strength for high speeds and temperatures is ensured. This application of titanium helps to optimize the performance of turbochargers, which in turn leads to improved engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Possible areas of application for titanium in the automotive industry:

Lightweight components
Engine parts
Turbocharger/compressor wheels
Gearbox parts
Racing applications
And other applications
Examples of titanium compressor and titanium compression wheels.
Examples of titanium turbocharger and titanium compression wheels.

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