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HWH: From retail to full-service provider.

Hanseatische Waren Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG was founded in 1989 as a pure trader of metals by Heinz Werner Hempel and his son Robert. Since then, we have continued to develop. In addition to trading, we now offer integrated titanium and cobalt-chrome solutions from especially controlled production routes and at the same time participate in development processes for titanium aluminides.

As experts in the field of titanium, we are aware of the special demands placed on the processing and composition of this light metal. With a family-run, medium-sized company structure and our own storage capacities, we can react flexibly to customer requirements at all times, which guarantees the highest quality, delivery reliability and competitive prices.

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Hanseatische Waren as a guest at the Aviaspace trade fair in Bremen

HWH general manager Daniel Hempel in an interview for the Aviaspace trade fair.
  • 1989

    Foundation of HWH mbH & Co. KG.

    In 1989, Heinz-Werner and Robert Hempel founded Hanseatische Waren Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, initially as a pure metal trading company.

  • 1998

    From titanium block to semi-finished product

    The first step on the way to becoming a full-range supplier: We are introducing the processing of titanium blocks into high-quality semi-finished products in order to be able to offer our customers a wider range of titanium solutions.

F. W. Hempel & Co. Ore and metals warehouse in Bremen, ca. 1950
  • 2002

    Introducing the forging of titanium

    Continuing the company's evolutionary strategy: We introduce titanium forging with compressor wheels, hip prostheses and other products.

  • 2008

    Melting and forging of titanium aluminides

    Pioneering work: We begin with the first developments in the melting and forging of intermetallic titanium aluminides, which set new standards.

  • 2012

    Opening of a new warehouse in Bremen

    Growth and proximity to the customer: We open a new warehouse in Bremen, northern Germany, to serve our customers even more efficiently.

  • 2014

    Start of small series production of TiAl

    Innovation in series production: We start small series production of γ-TiAl, setting another milestone in titanium processing.

  • 2017

    Recycling route for Ti64 scrap

    Focusing on sustainability: We are establishing our own recycling route for Ti64 scrap in Europe in order to make efficient use of titanium resources and protect the environment.

  • 2019

    Construction of an innov. melting plant in Bremen

    Investing into the future: We are expanding our production capacities in Bremen, Germany, with the innovative Plasma Metall titanium melting plant, whose manufacturing process is unique to the German market.

  • 2021

    Start of production at Plasma Metall

    A new era in titanium processing: We start production at our sister company Plasma Metall in Bremen, setting new standards for innovative titanium alloys.

Plasma metal interior view
Optimization & acceleration of the supply chain through long-term contracts with certified partner companies from Europe and Asia.
A wide variety of alloys and pure titanium grades enable us to meet your individual requirements and desires.
Thinking outside the box: In addition to pure titanium products, we also offer materials made of cobalt-chrome and other special alloys.
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Breaking new ground

"With our new sister company Plasma Metall we are setting a new focus to expand our many years of trading experience in the field of titanium. Our aim is to build up further expertise in the field of titanium by providing customized solutions. We use a combination of advanced melting technologies to optimally influence the melting and solidification process and to make the material properties homogeneous. In this way, we use our extensive know-how in all areas to offer our customers first-class solutions."

Daniel Hempel, general manager

Daniel Hempel

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