Commissioning of melting plant

The commissioning of our melting plant has been successfully completed and we are melting our first TiAl (48-2-2) ingots.

Please find attached a picture of our first two D120 x 2.000 mm ingots (Status 09th November, 2021).


The close cooperation with the fields of science and research and the promotion of young scientists is one of our leg goals.

Here you will find examples of our projects together with renowned university institutes.

► Plasma melting process for Titan Aluminides - SinglePAM

Hybrid melting process for high temperature alloys, e.g. Titanium aluminides

News: After the completion of the successful development of a hybrid melting furnace (SinglePAM) for the production of special alloys as semi-finished products with diameters of ᴓ 50 mm - ᴓ 170 mm x 2.000 mm, the construction of this new smelting technology will take place in Bremen. The implementation will be realized after successful application with further partners from the aviation industry at the aviation research program of the Federal Ministry of Economics. (LuFo V-3). As a result, we will be able to melt and recycle highly complex alloys in the future.

A new factory building for the production of new alloy types will be set up on our company premises in Bremen to implement the project.

Planned start of production: 1st Quarter 2022


View of the new factory building in Bremen.

► One step forging process for titanium aluminide forging alloys

      - "Structure and properties"

      - "Property-optimized hot forming"

      - "Optimized Hot-forming"

 The projects were accompanied by diploma and doctoral theses at the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Testing at the Montanuniversität Leoben.

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Testing